Good news Re: [Patch] Enable multi-threaded POP3 retrieval

On 2018.01.06 17:47, Jack wrote:
On 2018.01.03 10:11, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Hi all,

attached is a larger patch which enables multi-threaded retrieval of POP3 messages. The biggest part of the patch is related to changes of the progress dialogue implementation, though. It also changes the preferences by replacing the old (retrieve) progress dialogue options by two simple check boxes for enabling the send and receive progress, respectively. As a side effect, we get rid of a bunch of global variables used for the POP3 progress communication between the main and retrieval threads which is a lot cleaner IMHO.

BTW, the patch removes the (now obsolete) file src/threads.h. I noticed that the file libbalsa/gforest.c is not referenced everywhere – couldn't we remove it?

As always, any comment is welcome!

(I keep replying to the original, because I don't think there is anything important/relevant in my earlier replies.) I got rid of a TLS related error by changing that server to POP3S, even though their configuration instructions say TLS is OK. With the patch, the checking mail dialog comes up with six entries. The one I changed to POP3S and one other disappear quickly, with no mail and no errors. The dialog remains showing with four entries. Three are for, and after a minute or two, I get a popup "POP3 mailbox mailboxname: cannot connect Could not connect to Socket I/O timed out (repeated for all three mailboxes). The fourth is for my gmail account. The Checking Mail dialog remains up for at least five minutes past that popup. The debug output has three "DEBUG: finalised connection to" and one "DEBUG: finalised connection to" even though those entries remain displayed in the dialog. I see no other entries for those mailboxes in the debug output.

I do see "Gtk-DEBUG: State 0 for balsa-message-cite-bar 0x563acc97f210 doesn't match state 128 set via gtk_style_context_set_state ()" in the output, but I have no idea if it is at all relevant.

Is there any other debugging I can do? I do really like the idea of parallel checks, and I'm still hoping that these problems are really independent of that, other than perhaps dealing with some funny timing issue.

Sorry to reply so quickly to my own post, but I think the news is actually much better than I thought. First, I noticed that although the "Checking Mail" dialog is still displayed, the "Check" mail icon becomes enabled again after the time-out error popup, and clicking it briefly adds the other two mailboxes to the dialog. Those two disappear (I assume as soon as their check returns no mail) but the same four remain displayed. In addition, switching all mailboxes from TLS to POP3S eliminates the timeouts. I have no idea whether any of these servers should be able to handle TLS (I thought they all did) but at least I can now collect mail without waiting interminably for timeouts.

The only actual remaining issue with this patch, then, is that if a mailbox fetch gets a "Socket I/O timed out" error, the entry for that mailbox is not removed from the dialog. (Clearly, just hitting the "Hide" button is an adequate workaround.") A minor annoyance, perhaps, but not really serious.

Albrecht - thanks for all the work on this, and sorry for all the interim problems in getting through it.

I'll have to try another clean build to see if the marshalling related error remains for me or not.


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