Re: New Meson config failure

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Hi Jack,

On 11/03/2017 07:59:49 PM Fri, Jack wrote:
(responding to previous message for threading, as still same topic, but not responding to any particular item 
in that message)
I just tried meson again, and something has clearly changed.  I now have meson 0.43.0, installed a few days 
ago.  Previously was using 0.41.2.  I have no idea if that is the cause of my problems.

I had previously said that withgpgme needed to be "yes" to be recognized, now that is not working.  Using 
either yes/no or true/false, I cannot seem to change the default state of gpgme or gnome or other options.  In addition 
(probably related to the above) the acutal ninja build fails.  I'll skip any of those details unless you really thing I 
can trust the output of meson.

Re the meson version upgrade: you may need to make a new build directory with the new meson+ninja; I've had 
it complain about using a build directory that was created using an older version.

Re Balsa's options: I did some extensive renaming, dropping all with- prefixes, and replacing all the yes/no choices 
with true/false. Run "meson configure" in the new build directory to see all the names and possible values.

Boolean options were already true/false, but some others (including gpgme) were yes/no/path-to-something, so 
for consistency I changed those to true/false/path.

So in particular, you'd need "gpgme=true".

Thanks for continuing to test the meson build!



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