new wrapping problem in plain text messages, and odd html2text configure issue

As I continue to dig myself a deeper hole with now both send and receive problems (all semmingly inconsistent) with several email addresses actually hosted by yahoo (or is it now verizon?) I seem to be finding additional issues. (worst domain is, intermediate problems with, and least usually with

With balsa compiled from git head, I see a strange behavior, viewing plain text emails. When first displayed, most of the time, the message appears "correctly" wrapped - that is wrapped shortly before the right edge of the window. This is either in the message pane within the main window, or if I open the message in it's own window. However, if I make the window narrower, the message does not re-wrap. If I make it wider, it does re-wrap to the larger width, but does not reverse the process if I then make the window narrower again. Even stranger is that I have found a small number of messages which start out wrapped at what seems to be maybe a few words or few dozen characters wider than the window. I have compiled with both gtkhtml4 and webkit2, with and withouk gtksourceview, with no apparent difference. Switching to another message and back resets to the starting situation. This is now beginning to drive me crazy, as I can see no reason for this behavior. I have no idea when it started happenning. I don't recall it with vanilla 2.5.3, but really can't be certain.

The other issue I recently noticed is that ./configure is explicitly looking for python-html2text, but my current version of that application (2016.5.29) provides pyhtml2text. Creating a symlink lets configure find it, so it's not a big issue for me, but I have no idea whether balsa changed what it is looking for, or if the python piece changed the name of what it installs. I don't have an older version easily available for me to check. (I do have two newer versions available, but both still marked as testing.)

As alwasy, thanks for any suggestions.


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