Re: New Meson config failure

Hello Peter,
On 2017.11.04 15:37, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Re the meson version upgrade: you may need to make a new build directory with the new meson+ninja; I've had it complain about using a build directory that was created using an older version.
I thought I had started with a clean build dir, but re-cleaning did get rid of some problems.

Re Balsa's options: I did some extensive renaming, dropping all with- prefixes, and replacing all the yes/no choices with true/false. Run "meson configure" in the new build directory to see all the names and possible values. Boolean options were already true/false, but some others (including gpgme) were yes/no/path-to-something, so for consistency I changed those to true/false/path.
So in particular, you'd need "gpgme=true".
All good now with two new issues.

I now get:
DEPRECATION: The "languages" argument of gnome.yelp() is deprecated. Use a LINGUAS file in the sources directory instead. This will become a hard error in the future.

I'm not sure which parameter triggered this, but I suppose it's something other than the default, and I used -Dgnome-desktop=false -Dlibsecret=true -Dgpgme=true -Dspell-checker=gtkspell -Dosmo=true -Dgtksourceview=true -Dhelp-files=true

Then, I get a compile failure (which I don't get using ./configure and make)

[7/145] Generating libbalsa_marshal_h with a custom command.
FAILED: libbalsa/libbalsa-marshal.h
glib-genmarshal --header --prefix=libbalsa --output=libbalsa/libbalsa-marshal.h ../balsa-git/libbalsa/libbalsa-marshal.list

(process:21064): GLib-Genmarshal-WARNING **: failed to open "--output=libbalsa/libbalsa-marshal.h": No such file or directory
 (here it spits out what I assume is supposed to go into that file)
[9/145] Generating soundlist-file with a custom command.
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.

The libbalsa subdir does exist, and I'm not sure why it would complain no such file or directory for something it is trying to write, not read.

If I put that output into a file of that name and try again, I get the same error, followed by a similar error for libbalsa-marshal.c

I have no idea if this is specifically because of either meson or ninja, or if it is using some code path I happened not to trigger with the traditional build (even though I'm trying to use the same parameters.)

Thanks for continuing to test the meson build!

Not a problem.


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