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Hi John Jack,

On 05/06/2017 01:45:40 PM Sat, JohnJackDoe tele2 de wrote:
Dear list members,
Dear Albrecht,
Dear Peter,

The good news first: I build Balsa from GIT (2.5.3a-93-g9df15e6) yesterday and it is working!
Thanks a million to all of you for your support.

Good to hear! We'll do our best to keep it running smoothly…

Peter, I should have pointed to the fact again that I'm using maildir only. So don't worry. In the past I 
used thunderbird as mail client and thunderbird uses the mbox file format. Because I didn't like this I then 
swapped to evolution which can import mbox and pst file format. The native file format used by evolution is 
maildir+. But I was not happy with the encryption capabilities of evolution and with text formatting because 
it has fixed line lengths or not formatting at all. I was looking for a mail client that has a formatting 
behaviour as I know it from outlook - flowed. So I stumbled over Balsa and I thought I should give it a try 
because it has all the capabilities I was looking for and it uses maildir. For me then it was very easy to 
copy my maildir+ files into a maildir structured directory. This is in short how I came to Balsa and maildir.

I guess we just never tested it with a Maildir Inbox!

Each of us probably came to Balsa in our own way--nice to read about yours!


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