Re: Could not save a text part: Internal error in get_stream

Dear list members,
Dear Albrecht,
Dear Peter,

The good news first: I build Balsa from GIT (2.5.3a-93-g9df15e6) yesterday and it is working!
Thanks a million to all of you for your support.

Peter, I should have pointed to the fact again that I'm using maildir only. So don't worry. In the past I used thunderbird as mail client and thunderbird uses the mbox file format. Because I didn't like this I then swapped to evolution which can import mbox and pst file format. The native file format used by evolution is maildir+. But I was not happy with the encryption capabilities of evolution and with text formatting because it has fixed line lengths or not formatting at all. I was looking for a mail client that has a formatting behaviour as I know it from outlook - flowed. So I stumbled over Balsa and I thought I should give it a try because it has all the capabilities I was looking for and it uses maildir. For me then it was very easy to copy my maildir+ files into a maildir structured directory. This is in short how I came to Balsa and maildir.
Best regards,
John Jack Doe

On 04 May 2017 19:09:24, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Hi Peter:

Am 04.05.17 16:11 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
I hadn't picked up that you use a Maildir as your Inbox. I set one up, and immediately reproduced the bug.

It was a failure to reset (= rewind) a stream before adding the incoming message to the Inbox. The mbox backend happens to reset the stream anyway, so it didn't show up with when Inbox is an mbox.

I've pushed a one-line fix--please test it. (Albrecht: is that the correct place for the reset?).

This looks correct to me... The alternative would be adding it to libbalsa_mailbox_add_message(), but it might have other side effects...

Good catch!


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