[PATCH] smtp extensions

Hi all,

attached is a patch with a few SMTP-related extensions:
1. implement TLS client certificate support
2. rework the smtp config dialogue.

Re. #1: some ISP's use client certificates to authenticate MUA's against their mail servers, either as a 
machine authentication (which would still need the usual RFC 5321 authentication), or as a user 
authentication from the certificate's CN which is then anonymous from the SMTP pov.  Client certificates are 
used rarely, though, and I wonder if it ever worked with the old implementation where it was possible to set 
the certificate passphrase, but not the certificate itself.  I did not implement a dialogue for the 
certificate passphrase, i.e. it must be given in the config.

Re. #2: I rearranged the config items for SMTP on two notebook tabs, shifting the somewhat exotic options 
(client cert, message splitting) to the second page.  I also added more items and more controls for widget 
sensitivity as to distinguish between anonymous access and authentication etc. more clearly.  Note that it 
may be necessary to check the configuration settings after applying the patch.



Patch details:
* libbalsa/smtp-server.[hc]: rework config dialogue, implement client cert related methods
* libbalsa/send.c: use anonymous and client cert options
* README: remove reference to libesmtp, update SMTP config options description

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