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On 11/20/2017 11:45:15 AM Mon, Helmut Jarausch wrote:
Upgrading from enchant-1.6.0 to enchant-1.6.1 causes this error above.

Great work isolating that--many thanks!

I haven't found a way to get Balsa working with enchant-1.6.1. But a number of newer versions of enchant have 
been released[0], and at least the current version (2.1.3) is parallel-installable with 1.6.0 with a new 
pkg-config name, enchant-2. I've installed it from a tarball and tested it with Balsa's internal 
spell-checker, and it works without crashing. I also tested Balsa with with gspell built from git master (= 
1.7.1?), which requires enchant-2, and that also works. No changes were needed in Balsa's spell-checking code 
in either case.

To be ready for new enchant releases, I've pushed build system changes to look first for enchant-2, and then for 
enchant <= 1.6.0. The build now fails if the enchant version is 1.6.1 with a message that version <= 1.6.0 is 
needed, which is better than building a Balsa that crashes.

The autotools version (configure.ac and friends) works fine. With enchant-2.1.3 installed with 
prefix=/usr/local, the meson/ninja version fails to link to libenchant-2, though I found nothing wrong in the 
ninja.build script. Perhaps it will be OK with prefix=/usr--I haven't tried that.



[0] https://github.com/AbiWord/enchant/releases

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