Outdated documentation?

Title: Outdated documentation?



I just tried to compile balsa from the current source (just updated from git). After configuring with


./autogen.sh --with-gpgme --with-gpg-app=/usr/bin/gpg2 --with-html-widget=webkit2 --with-spell-checker=gspell --with-rubrica=yes --with-libnotify --with-canberra --enable-smime --with-gtksourceview --without-gnome --with-libsecret --with-compface



I found the following line in the output:


configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --with-gpg-app, --enable-smime



However, these options are still mentioned in ./README:



        Include support for S/MIME signed and encrypted messages.

This option requires GPGME (see above).



        Specify the GnuPG application which shall be used by GPGME.

Typically, configure will automatically detect gpg, so this option

should be given only if the desired gpg version is installed in an

uncommon place.



Shouldn't this reference be removed if the options have disappeared?


Best regards, and a good Advent Sunday!



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