Re: Configuration for mark/unmark unread new messages as old

Hi José,

On 04/14/2015 09:02:16 AM Tue, José Romildo Malaquias wrote:
On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 07:36:52AM -0400, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> Does Message => Toggle Flag => New not do what you want?

No. This action just adds a header line "Status: O". That is, it sets
the status of the message as "Old". The message is considered as old and

Balsa uses five message flags to characterize the state of a message, corresponding to five of the six IMAP flags 
<URL:> (Balsa doesn't use \Draft):

           Message has been read

           Message has been answered

           Message is "flagged" for urgent/special attention

           Message is "deleted" for removal by later EXPUNGE

           Message is "recently" arrived in this mailbox.  This session
           is the first session to have been notified about this
           message; if the session is read-write, subsequent sessions
           will not see \Recent set for this message.  This flag can not
           be altered by the client.

For an mbox-style back-end, Balsa stores these as follows:

        \Seen:          'R' in the Status header
        \Answered       'A' in the X-Status header
        \Flagged:               'F' in the X-Status header
        \Deleted                'D' in the X-Status header
        \Recent         no 'O' in the Status header

So toggling 'New' (or 'Unread'--I've no idea why it's labeled differently in the Message menu and the context 
menu!) will add or remove the 'R' in the Status header.

The Message menu gives you the option of toggling any of these five flags except \Recent, precisely because 
if the back-end is IMAP, Balsa has no way of controlling it. The only current way to avoid clearing \Recent 
(for an mbox, setting 'O') is to make the mailbox read-only. Of course, that would also preclude moving 
messages into the mailbox, including copies of sent messages, but that might work for you. Balsa has no UI 
for making a mailbox read-only, it checks file permissions and watches for write errors and acts accordingly. 
So your only current solution would be to change write permission before and after using Balsa.

We could most likely add an option on the mailbox properties dialog to actively set (but not clear!) 
read-only status, so that you could avoid the chmod steps. It would need to be saved to the config file to be 
remembered across sessions--feel free to send in a patch!



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