Re: yet another odd rendering issue

Hi Jack,

On 04/14/2015 11:36:44 AM Tue, Jack wrote:
[apologies if this is a duplicate - I've been switching email addresses so sometimes send from the 
unsubscribed one]

Hello again,

I recently received an email with four "inline" images in the html portion.  The first time I looked at it, 
it displayed the first image correctly, but then just the placeholders for the next three.  When I went back to check 
again, it (and all attempts since) displayed the first image in all four places.

That's odd--I don't recall having any problems with multiple inline images.

I also realize that very often, I only get image placeholders and not the actual images, when looking at the 
HTML version of messages.  This is also true when I view the message in a browser.

When you select "Open with [Firefox, or whatever]" from the context menu, the browser gets the HTML message 
part, but Balsa has no way to tell it how to get the images, so it seems unavoidable that you'll get the placeholder.

My Balsa (2.5.1) is using Webkit-gtk3 (2.4.8) in case that is relevant.

It might be relevant--Balsa's gtk3 branch currently requires webkitgtk4, so I can't test with webkitgtk3 very 
easily. But I believe the cid: protocol handling hasn't changed since 2.5.1 was released, so the versions may 
not be an issue.

The four img tags extracted from the middle of the html:
<img src=3D"cid:ii_14c8ba23837614c5" alt=3D"Inline image 1" width=3D"485" height=3D"254">
<img src=3D"cid:ii_14c8ba2c596f0c6b" alt=3D"Inline image 2" width=3D"485" height=3D"366">
<img src=3D"cid:ii_14c8ba3becda123d" alt=3D"Inline image 3" width=3D"485" height=3D"349">
<img src=3D"cid:ii_14c8ba4e91fcf21b" alt=3D"Inline image 4" width=3D"485" height=3D"340">

and the cid:: values are the Content-ID: values of the separate attachments/mime sections.  However, I also noticed 
that Content-Disposition: inline; filename="image.png" is identical for all four images.

I doubt whether the non-unique filenames are the cause--I believe that Balsa pays no attention to them. In 
the handful of emails that I can test on, the image content-ids match the cid: references, and it all just 

Has anyone else seen issues with inline images in HTML message parts?


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