Re: Gtk3 branch broken

On 07/20/2013 01:24:21 PM Sat, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
The menu-bar in the message-source-viewer window has been ported from GtkAction and friends, which are 
deprecated in the latest version of Gtk3, to GAction.  This was something of a learning exercise, and is as 
yet incomplete: the accelerator key-bindings (control-W to close the window, etc.) do not work.  Well, 
actually, control-A to select the text, and control-C to copy the selection to the clipboard, both work, but 
only because they're default key-bindings for GtkTextView.  Other than that, I believe there is no loss of, 
or change in, functionality.

Accelerator key-bindings work again.  That was more work than I'd expected...


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