Re: Gtk3 branch broken

Hi Jack,

On 07/20/2013 12:01:12 PM Sat, Jack wrote:
On 2013.07.20 11:47, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Heads Up!

The gtk3 branch is undergoing some changes to slowly bring it into the GMenu world.  It involves a sequence 
of commits, which will leave it in a broken state until they are complete.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

More later...

Depending on whether you expect it to take hours, days, or weeks to return to a working state, is it worth 
putting some type of note within the code, such as in README, which still says 2.0.x, by the way?  Perhaps a 

Should be fixed now, at least until the next breakage :)

The menu-bar in the message-source-viewer window has been ported from GtkAction and friends, which are 
deprecated in the latest version of Gtk3, to GAction.  This was something of a learning exercise, and is as 
yet incomplete: the accelerator key-bindings (control-W to close the window, etc.) do not work.  Well, 
actually, control-A to select the text, and control-C to copy the selection to the clipboard, both work, but 
only because they're default key-bindings for GtkTextView.  Other than that, I believe there is no loss of, 
or change in, functionality.

When the other GtkAction-based menus have been ported, Balsa will be ready for an app-menu that has more than just a 
"Quit" item...


PS:  will update README!

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