Re: Gtk3 branch broken

On 07/20/2013 11:47:36 AM Sat, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Heads Up!

The gtk3 branch is undergoing some changes to slowly bring it into the GMenu world.  It involves a sequence 
of commits, which will leave it in a broken state until they are complete.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

The main window menu has now been ported.  Various items from the menu bar have been moved to the application menu 
(on the top bar in gnome shell).  If you do not see a menu choice where you expect it, try the app-menu; in the 
Gnome shell, <super> f10 is the key-combo to drop it.

Collateral damage: toolbars will be shown in their default form and cannot currently be edited.  When the 
message-window and compose-window have been ported, toolbar editing will be restored.  More later...


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