Re: odd UI glitch in gtk3 version

Hi Jack,

On 02/29/2012 10:32:59 PM Wed, Jack wrote:
As I'm now testing with the gtk3 version (webkit) I found a strange difference from the gtk2 version.  In the old version, when I compose a new message (actually new or reply) the Recipients section starts out with only one line, and adds additional lines as I add recipients.  With the gtk3 version,  it starts with the Recipients area being three lines tall.  Then, if I actually have three recipients (or more) the area remains three lines tall, with a scroll bar.  The old version expanded that section as needed, at least to show four lines plus a bit.

Ahh, yes...that was a consequence of some API changes.  The widget that holds the addresses is a scrolled window, and in master/gtk2 we use a trick to keep its vertical size small enough to hold just the used addresses, until they hit a threshold that triggers the scrolling.  In gtk3 that trick no longer works, so we have to set a fixed height for the widget, whether or not the scrolling is needed.  If anyone knows of a fix for that, I'd love to hear about it!


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