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On 02/29/2012 10:19:55 PM Wed, Jack wrote:
On 2012.02.29 20:15, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
I suspect it's only likely to show up on source based distros like Gentoo, where you have enough rope to hang yourself and get this type of mismatch.  However, I've now found several Gentoo forum posts on the same issue (not with balsa, but other apps) so it does happen, even if it's not going to show up on distros like Fedora or Ubuntu.

Not an expert here, but I'm guessing that the packaging on Fedora et al builds in requirements that keep the libs in synch.  To manage it within Balsa, I believe we'd have to hard-wire specific versions of all libs, which would quickly lead to much pain.

Until you get an upgrade of pango, the simplest fix may be to hide the fact that you're using git: mv .git save.git and mv it back when you need to use git in the tree.  That will suppress all the *_DISABLE_DEPRECATED flags.
Well, I did manage to edit, and effectively, it was to remove the "if git" stuff near the end - effectively having the same effect.  Is this a sufficiently transient issue (mismatch of pango and glib) that it's not worth adding or modifying the "if" tests in

I don't know of any way to figure out what the minimum version of pango is for the installed glib2, or vice versa.  IOW I don't see how can check compatibility.

 Separately, why would these things depend on whether you're using git or not?  If you're not using git, then you're using a distro version or tarball that was created from git.  If autogen or bootstrap was  already run, it's too late, and if not, why should those flags be different?

They depend on git, because we assume that a build from git (as opposed to a tarball) is a maintainer build, and should impose the deprecation tests.  It helps keep Balsa from depending on deprecated, and hence soon to be removed, API.

Anyway - it's compiled and working (using it now) and I'll respond to Helmut's message, although I don't know I actually have anything to add.

Thanks for the testing, and for any suggestions about Helmut's issues!


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