Re: troubles on 3rd party mail delivery

Ildar Mulyukov <ildar <at>> writes:

> 	Hi, developers!
> Balsa's having troubles if 3rd party MTA is used (vastly fetchmail). I  
> use Balsa as the MUA-only without it's fetching capabilities and mainly  
> Maildir box format.
> 1. If a user is browsing a ma-box and the time to check the mail has  
> come, then the new mail gets *hidden* and the unread count is *not  
> increased*.
> 2. If the user did not browse the ma-box the time mail was delivered,  
> then it appears not in it's tread tree (in Simple threading view) but  
> in the end of the msg list.
> 3. If the mailbox was close and a new mail delivered then mailbox cache  
> rebuild occurs on opening. Less then optimal, taking a lot of time. For  
> example, mairix does caching a lot better.

I second this. I'm using a postfix daemon on all of my machines, which handles 
different mail sources and applies "adaptive" filtering. The postfix daemon 
appends all new mails to my mbox file. Balsa (git/gtk3 version) doesn't check 
for any changes of this mbox file (though configured to do so) or it doesn't 
show them - I can't decide which is the case.
So, I have to restart Balsa again and again.

Thanks for looking into it,

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