Re: Sending mail using SMTPS (SMTP with SSL)

Hi Jack,

On Oct 20, 2011, at  2:52 PM, Jack wrote:
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Oops, my bad on this one. The advanced tab only shows up for the remote mailbox servers (incoming) not the outgoing. However, if you look in ~/.balsa/config, the entry for the smtp server does include a line (at least in my case) SSL=false. I would try changing that to true and see if it works. I have no idea why the GUI doesn't have a place to change that value.

The SSL line is there because the smtp server configuration is saved by code that also handles mail servers; it's relevant only for mail servers. Balsa uses libesmtp for outgoing mail, and libesmtp doesn't support SSL connections. Adding that support is a long-standing request to the libesmtp dev.



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