Re: Sending mail using SMTPS (SMTP with SSL)

On 2011.10.20 13:07, Konrad Hinsen wrote:
On 20 Oct, 2011, at 18:47 , Jack wrote:

> On 2011.10.20 11:55, Konrad Hinsen wrote:
>> Is there any way to make balsa send mails via an smtps server? I can't find an option in the preferences, not anything of use in the manual. > "Edit" / "Preferences" select "Mail options." Select the server, click "Modify" and look on the "Advanced" tab. There's a checkbox for SSL and a dropdown for TLS. It works fine for me.

Here's what I get after clicking on "Modify". I don't see an "Advanced" tab! This is with balsa-2.4.10 under Ubuntu 11.10.

Oops, my bad on this one. The advanced tab only shows up for the remote mailbox servers (incoming) not the outgoing. However, if you look in ~/.balsa/config, the entry for the smtp server does include a line (at least in my case) SSL=false. I would try changing that to true and see if it works. I have no idea why the GUI doesn't have a place to change that value.

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