Re: Sending mail using SMTPS (SMTP with SSL)

Am 20.10.11 18:56 schrieb(en) Konrad Hinsen:
Here's what I get after clicking on "Modify". I don't see an "Advanced" tab! This is with balsa-2.4.10 under Ubuntu 11.10.

Set 'Use TLS' to 'required'.  This will open the connection unencrypted through the SMTP port (usually 25; if in doubt, specify the server as ''), and then *immediately* issue the STARTTLS command which switches to the securely encrypted channel.  See RFC 3207 (<>) for a complete description.

Note that the 'required' option will abort the connection if the remote server does not support STARTTLS.  *No* data whatsoever, in particular no login information or the message transfer itself, will be transmitted unencrypted.  Thus, it's as safe as SMTPS over port 465.  If you want to check if your provider's server supports it, from a terminal run the command

openssl s_client -starttls smtp -connect

Note, however, that the message after it leaves your provider's server will be unencrypted.  Consider using GnuPG  or s/mime (GpgSM) encryption to ensure that the message cannot be read by anyone else.

Hope this helps,

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