ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.4.11 released

Hello everybody,

balsa-2.4.11 based on the 'master' branch has just been released. It contains:

- option parsing fixes.
- more user-friendly display of filters.

You can download balsa-2.4.11 directly from

$ sha256sum balsa-2.4.11.tar.bz2
41160c8c107aaecacbe29974b39f2cc1ef649793cf7af9c58d5eed4120bb2888 balsa-2.4.11.tar.bz2
$ sha1sum balsa-2.4.11.tar.bz2
78d780d200aa1f852c6037d7a3ba3380d9c18cb9  balsa-2.4.11.tar.bz2
$ md5sum balsa-2.4.11.tar.bz2
915c622b6385aa4f83d5eee8f31ee8e8  balsa-2.4.11.tar.bz2

We should make an official release off the gtk3 branch soon - I suppose it is a good excuse to bump the version number to 3.0.0!

Happy mailing!

On behalf of Balsa team,


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