Re: Inline-Forward/Reply should prefer to quote plain text over HTML, if available

Hi Carlos,

On 11/16/2011 06:56:01 PM Wed, Carlos Franke wrote:
Solved: The setting "Include HTML parts as text when replying or forwarding" in "Mail options->Outgoing" was the culprit. I had it active because I thought it meant that HTML would be converted to plain text ("as text") if it was active; turns out it is the other way around.

I think the option description is misleading. What about replacing "HTML parts" with "HTML code"?

Well...if Balsa is built with GtkHTML-2, it really does include an HTML part as text; that widget allows extracting the text from the HTML code.  The last time I checked, WebKit had no method to do that, so in a WebKit build the part just gets quoted as raw HTML.  I'll have to dig into the WebKit API to see if there's been any change.



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