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Hi Carlos!

On 05/31/2011 04:56:57 AM Tue, Carlos Franke wrote:
Dear Balsa people,

when composing a new message, Balsa sets the "default" identity by default (which is fine). When replying to another message however, Balsa determines which identity to choose by something like checking the recipient address of that message—at least it seems to be that way.

Two of my identities share the same "email address", differing only in SMTP server and default "Reply To" (well, and name). Now, I cannot make any sense of how Balsa determines which of them to use for replying. It seems to be completely random.

It only _seems_ to be completely random; in fact, there's madness to its method.  The method is to use the first identity in a list that matches the recipient address.  Sounds reasonable, if inflexible.

But, the way Balsa currently saves and restores the list of identities between sessions, it gets reversed each time.  That's the madness!  And of course it's fixable.

OK, so then Balsa would be consistent in setting the identity: always the one you want, or always the one you don't want, instead of 50-50.  Still not great.

I suggest making the list most-recently-used-first; that is, when you manually set the identity, that identity is pushed to the start of the list, and will therefore be the one that matches the next time.  When you change SMTP server, you change the identity once and it will stick.



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