Re: If default Bcc is set, the the first input field is Bcc (not To) as well

Hi Carlos!

On 05/30/2011 11:05:19 AM Mon, Carlos Franke wrote:
It seems that if you set a default Bcc in an identity's settings, the first header input field that Balsa offers you in a message composition form is also set to Bcc. If you want to enter a To entry (which you do in most-if-not-all-mail), you have to manually select "To" in the dropdown menu next to the input field.

I think the first input field Balsa offers when composing a new message should always be a To field, except when responding to a given message (as the appropriate To will be set automatically then).

As this is an annoyance rather than a bug, I am bringing it up here instead of the bug tracker. Should I do otherwise?

Here is just fine--it's more likely to attract discussion than in a bug.

Your point is well taken.  The widget that presents the addresses was designed to offer a blank line of the same type as the last address that was added, which works OK when addresses are being added manually by the sender.  But when a compose window is being created, the widget doesn't know that the addresses come from another source, such as an identity or a draft message, in which case the design decision may be inappropriate.

The git tree (master and gtk3) has been patched to change this behavior, to avoid a blank Bcc: line.  I hope you find it more comfortable!


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