Re: problem with kaddressbook

On 2009.09.04 18:29, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Hi Jack!

On 09/03/2009 04:11:54 PM Thu, Jack wrote:
I've pointed Balsa to my kaddressbook std.vcf file. When I open the file through one of the KDE apps, I see dozens of entries. When I open the address book in Balsa, I only see three names. I finally tracked it down that Balsa only shows those names with a EMAIL;TYPE=PREF:name host line. Most of my entries have only an EMAIL:name host The PREF is only there for names that have two email addresses.

Should Balsa show names with only a single EMAIL entry, or was this a problem when kaddressbook imported the original vcards, which were originally exported from Outlook?

Is my best fix just to manually add ";TYPE=PREF" to the other EMAIL lines?

It looks like a bug in Balsa's vCard address book code.  It looks for:

EMAIL;.*:name host

evidently based on the assumption that all EMAIL lines have ";TYPE=...:" qualifiers. I can't find any authority that requires them, and RFC-242[56] [1] makes it clear that they are optional, with TYPE=INTERNET as the default, so perhaps Balsa should be more permissive--patch attached.



[1] <URL:> "defines the profile of the MIME Content-Type [MIME-DIR] for directory information for a white-pages person object, based on a vCard electronic business card.", which doesn't define what an address book should contain, but may be as close to a definition as we'll find...

Success. It works as advertised. For the two who showed up before, it (correctly?) shows both emails on the list. (I prefer it shows both, although one interpretation could be to chose the one with the PREF, but I think that's overkill.)


Since this probably won't get rolled out until the next version, I'll probably submit a Gentoo bug report with your patch, unless there is any reason not to do so.


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