Re: IMAP issues

On 2008.02.24 11:31, Mișu Moldovan wrote:

Disclaimer: The problems described here may be server-side issues, so
I'll try to limit myself to the problems that are common to at least
two IMAP servers, hoping that the problems are not server-side. The
IMAP servers that I use are: Courier, Axigen and GMail (two of them at
work and two at home). I also use Exchange sometimes, but I'll let that
beast aside this time.

FWIW, there's been some discussion on the getmail list recently concerning GMail's implementation of POP/IMAP. See for details.


 2) When I use more than one IMAP account I expect to be able to define
separate "Drafts", "Sent" and "Trash" sub-folders for each of them.
Currently, there's only one "Draft" mailbox, one "Sent" mailbox and one
"Trash" mailbox per Balsa instance.

I could see why you would want your "Sent" and "Drafts" mailboxes to be in an IMAP account (which further implies that you should be able to map them based on your outbound SMTP). Trash is less convincing.

Mark A. Flacy

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