Re: HTML support (was: Please Support Right To Left Direction)

Hi Albrecht!

On 04/27/2008 01:35:29 PM Sun, Albrecht Dreß wrote:

Am 27.04.08 19:27 schrieb(en) Ali49969:
> I saw youe example page. this was true in "Firefox" and
> "Internet Explorer 7.0"
> Please note that Mmany of Iranian users, uses "Internet Explorer 6.0"
> and "Windows XP Pro" operating system.

Could you try the attached patch with the current svn, send a message
with Persian (or other rtl) text, and check if it displays properly in
the web mailer and the other mail apps you use?
[ snip ]

My browser (Epi) puts a blank line between <p>aragraphs, so the message is effectively double-spaced. I tried editing it with lines with the same direction inside a single <p dir="{ltr,rtl}">...</p>, and marked line endings with <br>. That takes out most of the blank lines, but still leaves one where the direction changes. Using <div> instead of <p> removes those too, but leaves the text in only the <div> containers--I'm not sure what the ethics of that are!



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