Address-view in svn

On 2007-12-13 11:07, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> Address-view is now in svn's trunk.
> A small down-arrow has been added to the right of the To/Cc/Bcc field, to 
> make it clearer that it's a drop-down list (screenshot below)

Hi Peter!

I've tried this out and found that I have to hold the mouse button down 
like a Mac menu.  Is this intentional?  I have a slight co-ordination issue 
which makes me avoid Mac-style menus and drag-and-drop wherever possible.

Also, when deleting an entry, I have to click twice on the little "x" on 
the right side.  Once to highlight the selection and again to actually 
remove the selection.  Is this an upstream GTK issue?

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