Re: ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.3.21 released

Hi Mark!

On 12/08/2007 11:30:08 PM Sat, Mark A. Flacy wrote:
[ snip ]

This release doesn't have the balsa-address-view stuff, which is one of
the biggest user interface improvements that you've added lately.

Address-view is now in svn's trunk.

A small down-arrow has been added to the right of the To/Cc/Bcc field, to make it clearer that it's a drop-down list (screenshot below); you'd have to 'make install' to see it (or manually copy images/16x16/balsa-drop-down.png to /usr/local/share/balsa/hicolor/16x16/apps, or wherever Balsa installs its icons).



JPEG image

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