Re: ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.3.21 released

On 2007.12.08 16:00, Pawel Salek wrote:

Balsa team announces the release of balsa-2.3.21 available at

You can download balsa-2.3.21 directly from
$ sha1sum balsa-2.3.21.tar.bz2
d9eada298ffaedcb9f3d2179af5203589b24fbdd  balsa-2.3.21.tar.bz2

It will be soon available in Fedora development repository as well.

The major highlights include:

- migration from GnomeUI to GtkUIManager
- Rubrica address book support.
- bugs fixed: GNOME: 481842, 488432, 496316; Redhat: 414361.

Happy mailing!


This release doesn't have the balsa-address-view stuff, which is one of the biggest user interface improvements that you've added lately. [You do have the "which text/plain attachments do you *really* want in your reply" user interface improvement, so you get a "Yay!" for that one. :-) ] --
Mark A. Flacy

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