Re: [PATCH] Rudimentary libnotify support

On 04/09/2007 11:35:00 PM, Johan Brannlund wrote:
And a third version is now up, in the same place as before. The
this time are that it's now even quieter than before and includes some

nice icons on the notifications. I think this version is pretty

Please let me know if you think this version is suitable for
committing and if not, which changes you'd like to see.

I think this patch is ready for merge (so, if anybody has got a problem with this please let me know asap). There are some rough edges:

1. I get two notifications if I get two messages delivered at the same time (via POP3) - does anybody else see that?

2. Shouldn't "Balsa info" be translated? This string appears to be used as the notification title, is it not? Perhaps "Balsa informs" or "Balsa notification" would be better? Opinions?


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