Re: [PATCH] Rudimentary libnotify support

Am 10.04.07 10:59 schrieb(en) Pawel Salek:
I think this patch is ready for merge (so, if anybody has got a problem
with this please let me know asap).

I think adding it to svn is a good idea, as it will probably trigger more responses and new ideas. Good work, Johan!

1. I get two notifications if I get two messages delivered at the same
time (via POP3) - does anybody else see that?

Yes, same effect here.

2. Shouldn't "Balsa info" be translated?

Yes, of course, it should!

Perhaps "Balsa informs" or "Balsa notification" would be better? Opinions?

Maybe, according to the level, "Balsa warning", "Balsa information", etc. You could also use more attractive icons, probably the Balsa logo with a /small/ version of the icons you use now above them, or something like that.

Some more glitches:

IMO, real errors should still be dialogues. E.g. if sending an encrypted message fails due to a missing key, the "message could not be sent" dialogue is still there, but the reason is in the notification and disappears after a few seconds. If the user is somewhat inattentive, there is no clue what went wrong.

Probably it is better to add "Notification" as configuration option (also solving the previous point), so the user has the choice of "Nothing", "Terminal", "Notification", "Status bar", etc. E.g. I configured information messages to be printed on the terminal, but now I get tons of "signature with insufficient trust" notifications. Clicking quickly through a mailbox I could build a pile of 6 or 7 /identical/ ones. There is no relation any more to the actual action of the user or to the message which triggered it.

Something which is beyond the scope of this patch: the code to detect if and how many new messages arrived is somewhat broken: sometimes new messages arrive, but no information is shown (usually when tehere are unread ones? - not always reproducible). Or the information is shown, but the number of messages is wrong. IMHO this code needs some re-working (although I have no idea how it should be done...). Once the code works reliably, this information could be used to add a GtkStatusIcon to the system tray, which would be the perfect combination with the notification.

Just my € 0.01, as always, though...

Cheers, Albrecht.

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