Re: [PATCH] Rudimentary libnotify support

On Mon, 09 Apr 2007 08:43:15 +0200, Pawel Salek wrote:

> Wow, very nice!

Thank you. :)

> There was one misspelling in the patch
> (s,qg_object_unref,g_object_unref,) but otherwise it looks very
> much ok. 

Oops! It was getting late last night and I made a few last-minute changes 
that I didn't test. I guess I shouldn't have. :)

> I have been only wondering about using HAVE_NOTIFY vs
> HAVE_LIBNOTIFY and also a choice of the configure option
> --with-libnotify but it is of no significant importance.

Feel free to change those if you like. I have no emotional attachment to 
my variable names. :)

> I wonder whether one should not introduce another class of messages for
> the notifications that should be sent to libnotify if available -
> currently, lot of messages belong to INFO class but those probably most
> appropriate for libnotify like "you have got mail!" are not being
> sent...

I changed this a bit in the new version, also available at http:// . Significant changes:

* Now 90% less chattier.

* "--with-libnotify=no" now produces a working balsa with the old 
behaviour (except that I made a small change to libbalsa_information 
that's always applied).

* Seven seconds default timeout.

* Added notification for new mail, which has a 30 second timeout.



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