Re: [PATCH] Rudimentary libnotify support

Hi Johan:

Am 09.04.07 07:51 schrieb(en) Johan Brannlund:
Some time in the distant past I posted that I'd give libnotify support a go, since I found the popup windows somewhat annoying.

This is a *really* nice approach IMHO, and clearly the way to go. It would also be /very/ nice if the "You have new mail..." popup dialogues could be optionally replaced by these messages, probably in connection with a GtkStatusIcon if compiled with gtk+ >= 2.10.0, as the current solution is somewhat intrusive... I already had a look into that some time ago, and the main problem here is that the check for new messages is in several threads which makes coding this a little more challenging.

* If you pass "--with-libnotify=no", the code probably won't compile,since the old code is just commented out at the moment.

#ifdef's help...  ;-)

* It's too chatty.

Maybe we introduce a new level for information messages?

* When lines are reflowed, some lines sometimes end up being very short,see .

The composer dialogue has a number of glitches regarding flowed/wrapped handling. I am currently working on that, but (as always) time is an issue... Basically I would like to have the same appearance of the composer widget as the new implementation using the "citation bars" in the message display has. Stay tuned, please....

Cheers, Albrecht.

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