Re: IMAP problem: Failed to move huge message

On 03/14/07 09:48:00, Albrecht Dre? wrote:
> Balsa gives up if it cannot send anything to the server for a half a

> minute.

Good hint - I increased the timeout to two minutes, and checked the
process in Wireshark.  Exchange needs 41 seconds (!!!) to acknowledge
the transfer of this ~2MByte message.

Maybe we should make the IMAP timeout either configurable, or use a
"smart guess", like base_timeout + xfer_size * stretch, or something
like that?  I know Exchange is *really* crap, but unfortunately I'm
forced to use it at work...

I had a similar problem with an imap server that responded very slow to search requests. Current SVN source will pop up a question box whether to abort an operation that takes too long time... Is that an acceptable solution? It probably needs some polishing but the basic idea works.


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