[PATCH] Rudimentary libnotify support

Hi. Some time in the distant past I posted that I'd give libnotify 
support a go, since I found the popup windows somewhat annoying. I now 
have a first version of this and I thought I could just as well post it, 
even though I don't expect this version to be applied. The patch can be 
found at http://nullinfinity.org/notify.patch

Some problems with the current version:

* If you pass "--with-libnotify=no", the code probably won't compile, 
since the old code is just commented out at the moment.

* It's too chatty.

* The notification bubbles probably stay on screen too long (10 seconds).

I'll try to fix these things soon. Comments on these and other issues 
with the patch are welcome.

I've also noticed some other imperfections that to me detract from the 
overall very nice impression of Balsa:

* When you clear a search filter, you are returned to the top of the 

* When lines are reflowed, some lines sometimes end up being very short, 
see http://nullinfinity.org/reflow.jpg .

If I have time, I might take a look at them too. I of course wouldn't 
mind if someone more familiar with the code than me would fix them. :)



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