Re: Flow flaws

În data de Jo 11 mai 06 la 17:57, Mark Flacy a scris:
> On 2006.05.11 09:47, Steffen Klemer wrote:
> > On 2006.05.11 12:03, Mişu Moldovan wrote:


> > > As for the DelSp problem, this seems to affect your signature also (only
> > > on display in the message view/preview pane). The delimiter "--" is on
> > > the same line with the top line of the ASCII ribbon. Definitely not as
> > > intended.
> > 
> > I don't see this issue here - it is simply not there neither when reading  
> > nor writing/ replying mails - would you plz send us a screenshot?
> > 
> (Side note:  Balsa quoting appears to be more well-behaved with all word-wrapping turned off.)
> Here you go:
> That's with no word-wrapping at all.

Thanks. This is indeed what I see, with or without word wrapping on message view. I remember I have solved this "separator problem" by including the separator in the signature and telling Balsa to not add a separator before the signature.

I have just found a workaround for the "DelSp" problem in my signature too. I put a blank space in front for every line. If every line in the signature starts with a blank space, my signature looks as intended in all mail clients that I know of. Hooray!

I cannot believe that two of those three problems that annoyed me for so long had solutions or workarounds right under my nose. This proves how versatile our beloved mail client really is. And I guess I should ask for a bit of help more often...

Thanks a lot,


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