Re: Flow flaws

On 2006.05.11 12:03, Mişu Moldovan wrote:

În data de Mi 10 mai 06 la 20:48, Steffen Klemer a scris:


Now to the second issue, the multiple indentation, this seems to be a
problem only when outbound wrap is set, because it will wrap indented
lines as they grow over the defined limit (72 by default).

I do see this as well - okay, it's a problem ;)

As for the DelSp problem, this seems to affect your signature also (only
on display in the message view/preview pane). The delimiter "--" is on
the same line with the top line of the ASCII ribbon. Definitely not as

I don't see this issue here - it is simply not there neither when reading nor writing/ replying mails - would you plz send us a screenshot?


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