imap_handle_disconnect crash (barely making it out of the gate)

   2.3.12 still seems to suffer from the crash related
to an imap disconnect discussed in the thread entitled
"barely made it out of the gate" and started by Willem Riede
on 29 Jan 2006.   That thread and the more informative posts
by Willem can be found at the archive URL below.  I just
wanted to mention that there are other people such as myself
having the problem and that it's still there in 2.3.12.
Though I'm a professional Perl programmer, I'm inexperienced
in regard what information I should send to assist in
indentifying and fixing this bug.  If Pawel or someone else
wants to look into this please let me know what information
you need.  I'm running Fedora Core 3 glibc 2.3.3-74.  The crash
seems to happen "randomly" in regards to what I'm doing with
Balsa, but the info posted by Willem and the message I get,
"imap connection severed", suggests that it's caused by the
way Balsa handles the IMAP connection timing out or otherwise
dissapearing.  Thanks for any assistance.

Previous thread headers:
2.3.10 barely made it out of the gate :-(
Willem Riede
Sun, 29 Jan 2006 15:02:34 -0800

Probable key line:
imap_handle_disconnect (h=0xc5e0c0) at imap-handle.c:361

URL: gnome org/msg00543.html
Ray B. Morris
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