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Sorry if I'm wrong, but I think I was referring to something else. Please
look at my current reply (composed using Sylpheed). See how the lines
expand to the right to fill the whole width of the message view? You
might need to maximize the window to see that. That's what I meant by
"soft wrap", the mail client uses the whole horizontal space to display
the message. True for all mail clients I've ever used. The replies from
Balsa are "hard wrapped", usually leaving some space to the right.

Have your tried to set "format=flowed" and the 2 settings in der prefs-window

Outgoing->"Wrap Outgoing Text at ..."
as well as
Display->Message->"Wrap Text at"

If the later one is enabled recieved format=flowed messages are reflowed but to this width. The first one does exactly the same when composing/ replying messages. This is a compatibility rule to address issues users of old/ not so comfortable mails would get otherwise...

I personally like the first one - it's hard to read lines of 120 or more letters on a screen.

And a last note: Balsa only reflows "format=flowed" messages. No one knows whether the sender of all the other mails agree to reflowing...

Hope that clarifies your issues a little bit ;)


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