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În data de Mi 10 mai 06 la 20:48, Steffen Klemer a scris:


> Have your tried to set "format=flowed" and the 2 settings in der  
> prefs-window
> Outgoing->"Wrap Outgoing Text at ..."
> as well as
> Display->Message->"Wrap Text at"
> If the later one is enabled recieved format=flowed messages are reflowed  
> but to this width. The first one does exactly the same when composing/  
> replying messages. This is a compatibility rule to address issues users of  
> old/ not so comfortable mails would get otherwise...

I was using "format=flowed", outgoing wrapping at 72 (both are default settings) and I was not wrapping on display (this is not by default, but easy to change in the "View" menu)

You're right about the outgoing wrapping. If I disable it, I am able to send messages like the ones that Sylpheed sends by default. This message should also look the same and is composed with Balsa. So, I guess the first issue is fully clarified. Thanks a lot.  

> I personally like the first one - it's hard to read lines of 120 or more  
> letters on a screen.
> And a last note: Balsa only reflows "format=flowed" messages. No one knows  
> whether the sender of all the other mails agree to reflowing...
> Hope that clarifies your issues a little bit ;)
> cu
> /Steffen

I don't think the "soft-wrap" will affect older clients, because the lines are wrapped with a "=" which makes them look fine even when you take a look at the source. I am more inclined to not use the "hard-wrap" but I definitely see your point here (in regards to reading very wide lines). Choice is good, thank you Balsa developers :)

Now to the second issue, the multiple indentation, this seems to be a problem only when outbound wrap is set, because it will wrap indented lines as they grow over the defined limit (72 by default). 

As for the DelSp problem, this seems to affect your signature also (only on display in the message view/preview pane). The delimiter "--" is on the same line with the top line of the ASCII ribbon. Definitely not as intended.


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