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Several months ago I've started a thread regarding some "usability improvements". We talked about a lot of things and some of the coders (thank you Peter, thank you Albrecht) have come up with a few patches to fix some of the problems. However, I have saved one of the discussion points for later. I have several comments regarding the way Balsa arranges mails when composing or when displaying them. Forgive me for not being an expert on these matters, my point of view is one of a simple user.

Balsa by default inserts in the messages that it creates at the end of every line an " =20" expression. That seems to be a "hard wrap" that mail clients use it to always wrap lines whenever they bump into it. However, some clients insert in the mails they generate just a "soft wrap" consisting only of one "=" which make the mail clients wrap lines more liberally, expanding lines to the entire width of the available space in the current view. I would also prefer the "soft wrap", it seems so much better, why isn't it enabled by default?

Re-wrapping an indented reply is such a pain in the butt sometimes, even with the "select the whole reply and rewrap" solution. Multiple spaces appear when doing that and most of the times I end up re-wrapping it by hand. Arggghhh... How do the other mailers do it?

Another issue is probably related to the "DelSp=Yes" declaration in the "Content-Type" header. Please take a look at my signature, both as it is displayed by Balsa (in the preview pane/message view) and as it really is (as seen in the source view). There are some extra spaces in the first and third lines in the source. The end result that I would like to obtain is an ASCII version of my name "Mişu". Balsa displays it just fine, even if the source has an extra space in the first and third lines (probably because of the DelSp setting), but most of the other mail clients don't cut the extra space. This breaks a lot of ASCII signatures. I guess Balsa inserts an extra space in every line that starts with a space I guess, and most mail clients don't interpret the DelSp setting.

Thanks for all the attention,


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