Re: Flow flaws

On 2006.05.09 09:01, Mişu Moldovan wrote:


Balsa by default inserts in the messages that it creates at the end of every line an " =20" expression. That seems to be a "hard wrap" that mail clients use it to always wrap lines whenever they bump into it. However, some clients insert in the mails they generate just a "soft wrap" consisting only of one "=" which make the mail clients wrap lines more liberally, expanding lines to the entire width of the available space in the current view. I would also prefer the "soft wrap", it seems so much better, why isn't it enabled by default?

Well, the "Format=Flowed" declaration in the header resulted in a perfect re-wrap of your e-mail.

Of course, when you *do* set "Format=Flowed", you cannot send any preformatted ascii tables or block indented paragraphs.

Re-wrapping an indented reply is such a pain in the butt sometimes, even with the "select the whole reply and rewrap" solution. Multiple spaces appear when doing that and most of the times I end up re-wrapping it by hand. Arggghhh... How do the other mailers do it?

I really hate to say it, but Balsa absolutely sucks in its handling of quoted text. I should reply to this message just to show how bad it can be.

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