Balsa Sound Events in FC5?

I've just installed Fedora Core 5 a few days ago, and am wondering where the sound events for Balsa (startup and newmail) and a few other apps went (nibbles and robots to name two). I'm concentrating on the Balsa problem because I use it constantly and depend upon the sounds quite a bit, come to find out now that they are missing.

I've tried setting them in the gnome-control-center, the gnome-sound-properties and so on. Unfortunately, there are no tabs or anything listed for Balsa. I've spent hours searching down this problem on the 'net, thinking that eventually I could build my own glade file, which is what seems to drive at least part of the gnome-sound-properties, and add balsa in and move on from there but... I can't find out where the actual sound listings are built.

Are the soundlists in /etc/sound/events deprecated? They don't seem to be used at all. If anyone knows what's going on, and if this can even be fixed at this point, I'd appreciate a heads up. I'm stubborn enough to go about beating my head against a rock.

Btw, in all other respects, the new version of Balsa, running on FC5, is just stupendous. I've been using Balsa for, hmmm, well since about version 0.5 or so, and it's just steadily improved. Thanks so much for such a fine email client.


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