improvement suggestion for address book

A feature that is improvable is the address book. A address book could
have several persons, but no group. So in reality it's a big effort to
use the only alternative, for each group one address book.

In my point of view the address book is not practicable. You create one
personality and you fill in displayed name, first name, last name,
nickname, organisation and email address.

But what is if you want open address book and write to people mails?
Then there is a table with two columns: displayed name, email address.
All other entries are worthless.

So what's about integrating the following features:
- User can select the columns which are shown in address book
- Each address book columns can get sorted & searched

By this way group-mailing problem should be nearly solved, because you
could use organisation-field as group field and then write to people
only belonging to group as requested.

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