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I saw that you recently changed the way of mailboxhandling. The new-mail-count is now saved between sessions. While this is a nice soultion for systems where only balsa receives new mail I would vote for a (at least configureable) complete check wether the mbox has changed since the last session or not.

On my system a fetchmail-procmail-combo checks for new mail. When opening Balsa after a longer period of time I have to open each mbox to get the correct msg-count. (However it is not that important how many new mails are there, more the fact _that_ it is there...) But in some situations new mail arrived in a former unread box and doesn't show up in the list.

Former versions seemed to check this. And until now a patch (that was removed half a year ago or so) to mailbox_mbox.c helped to recall this behaviour. But lately Balsa would just crash at startup with this patched into it :(

If you are not willingly to implent such a feature - does anybody know if new-mail-count-on-startup works with mh or maildir? (I don't want to set up a local imap-server *hehe*)

Thanks for your attention.


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