Re: New mails in mailboxlist

În data de Jo 19 mai 05 la 08:00, Steffen Klemer a scris:
I saw that you recently changed the way of mailboxhandling. The new-mail-count is now saved between sessions.


If you are not willingly to implent such a feature - does anybody know if new-mail-count-on-startup works with mh or maildir? (I don't want to set up a local imap-server *hehe*)

With the new code there are some issues with IMAP accounts too. I have
a bunch of IMAP subfolders that I keep open all the time (and therefore are opened on start too) and some subfolders I open only occasionally (and usually are not opened on start).

Previous versions (up to 2.3.0 IIRC) showed no statistics related to the unopened subfolders. So it was easy to see the real statistics for opened folders and which were the folders not opened yet. Now I'm all the time confused about which subfolders are opened and show the real statistics and which are closed and show the statistics for the last connection.

Is there any option to revert to the previous behavior? Or is this a feature I don't understand? I see the gain with the new behavior (cached statistics) but that is out-weighted by the problems of differentiating between real and cached statistics (showing tabs for open mailboxes won't cut it, as I open a lot of tabs).

I started with nothing and I still have most of it left.

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