Re : A bug or a local problem? - please help

Le 18.05.2005 10:34:33, William W. Austin a écrit :
Running Balsa 2.3.0 on fedora fc 3.

I use balsa for my email on a couple of machines, but my writing from
most of them is so infrequent that I have just noticed this today.

Balsa is set to save a copy of all outgoing email to my "Sentbox"
(in the directory <myhomedir>/Mail/Sentbox according to properties and

Until about a month ago this was happening nicely; however, copies are
no longer saved to that file (or anywhere else I can find). Disk space
and permissions are not issues, and my config file has not changed.  I
tried going back to an earlier release but the results did not change
back to the anticipated behavior.

Has anyone else noticed this (i.e., is it a bug which I should put into the system) or does anyone have any suggstions on tracking it down to a
local problem?

ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this one has now bitten
me pretty badly twice today.


Well you need to check the fcc setting: open a compose window, go to the display menu (or something approaching) and check fcc so it will display a FCC: field which should be filled with the name of a mailbox where to put the sent messages. If it is not set then you must set it to the mbox you want (it is weird though that Balsa silently changed this setting), if it is set to something you can check there (and in that case if you find nothing there then there is a real bug).

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