Re: New mails in mailboxlist

On 05/19/2005 01:00:10 AM, Steffen Klemer wrote:

I saw that you recently changed the way of mailboxhandling. The new-mail-count is now saved between sessions. While this is a nice soultion for systems where only balsa receives new mail I would vote for a (at least configureable) complete check wether the mbox has changed since the last session or not.

Hi Steffen!

For local mailboxes, Balsa from cvs now saves a time-stamp for the mailbox as well as the message counts, so mailbox changes since the last session should be detected the first time the mailbox is checked. I don't have the kind of delivery you use--could you test it?

Hi Mişu!

IMAP mailboxes are a bit more of a problem. IMAP servers have a mechanism for detecting changes, but the overhead (a STATUS request) is essentially the same as checking the mailbox, so your best solution is probably to check "Check IMAP mailboxes" and uncheck "Check INBOX only".


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