Re: Libnotify support

On 07/26/05 01:27:05, Johan Brannlund wrote:

--- Pawel Salek <pawsa theochem kth se> wrote:

> On 07/20/05 10:50:26, Johan Brannlund wrote:
> > For instance, what if several messages arrive simultaneously?

> Good question - you have got a decision to make!

Right, that definitely requires some thinking. I'll try to put
something together soon and then people can try it out and we'll see
what they think.

For now, my question was mostly a practical programming matter,
once I have the message pointed to by first_unread, how do I get the
other ones? I was expecting to find a pointer to the next message in
the LibBalsaMessage struct, but didn't see one. I may be missing
something obvious... should I use bndx_select_next_with_flag() ?

You should also consider whether you really want to use first_unread - perhaps you want to ignore "old" unread messages and just find out the most recently appended ones - would you agree? struct count_info should probably be extended with a "guint last_msg_count" or an equivalent one to keep track of that.

Re bns_select_next_with_flag(): Searching for unread messages is done best with libbalsa_mailbox_search_iter() and friends. bndx_select_next_with_flag() has way too many side effects.


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